Problem?... or Opportunity!
Generation Y. The Millennials. The largest generation of our lifetime, A generation that is all too often misunderstood, misperceived and misrepresented, yet critical to the growth of American business. They are our future professionals and managers. To stereotype them is to ignore their potential and deter our future growth.

So, who are they…really?

We’ve surveyed them, talked with them, queried them face-to-face and we’ve unearthed realities that you’ll want to know in order to hire, retain and develop this important generation of talent.

Gen Y Speaks

Gen Y has spoken and we have listened. Truly listened. Based on what we’ve learned, we think you’ll find our insight invaluable in helping you to recruit, retain and develop this talented new generation. Why? Because we’ve taken time to get beneath widely-held stereotype perceptions to reveal the realities of a generation which offers great potential. We like them and we think you will too when you truly understand how to effectively blend their insights, talents and ambitions into your organization.

At GenBlending, our mission is to use the knowledge and insights from our surveys and face-to-face research to share real-life realities, bridge understanding and provide you with the information and tactics that will help you to effectively hire, retain and develop this multi-talented generation.

Gen Y Quotes:

“Give me ownership in my work and involvement and I’ll give my all”

“It is frustrating when your boss tells you that you need to improve at this or that, but then doesn’t take any time to explain or teach you.”

“I hate it when a seasoned employee says, ‘You should have to go through this because we did’.”

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