All consulting is based on results from our customized GenBlending Needs Assessment with solutions tailored to your respective areas of need.

Clients generally have us tailor services to their needs in:

  • Developing GenBlending Teams: An ideal process for blending generational knowledge and talent strategy to enhance team effectiveness and increase outcomes.
  • Training: Topic specific training, tailored to meet your specific needs in recruiting, motivating or retention as well as programs to help your Gen Y’s work more effectively with seasoned employees.
  • GenBlending Presentations: Presentations to management teams based on our exclusive research findings and your needs assessment results.
  • Executive Coaching: Individual coaching to help leaders more effectively adapt to necessary changes in communication or management styles, including team coaching to effectively transition managers with high-performing teams.
  • Employee Development: Tailored development programs for high potentials
  • Breaking the Mold Hiring: Establishing hiring standards and processes that more effectively meet the needs of hiring today’s generation of talent. (See Hiring for more details)




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