No generation has been more committed to following their passion in the work that they do than Generation Y. Thus, traditional hiring tools are no longer enough to predict job match or potential performance.

Traditional hiring tools identify candidate’s traits and behaviors. Behaviors alone do not predict performance—merely one’s natural abilities and tendencies.

Maximum performance is driven by underlying motivators developed through one’s value systems. Values drive behaviors and give us the important WHY?

Clarity of thinking measure one’s capacity to take action on critical attributes required for a job.

When combined insight is available it is more viable to identify whether an individual has the passion/motivation, skills and attributes and natural inclination to meet all the requirements of the job. Thus hiring decisions become better matched.

We use the most highly validated, advanced hiring system available to benchmark the job and then hire to it. In today’s complex, competitive environment, anything less is risky.

Additional research tells us language and method of recruitment is critical to attracting the right candidates to begin with. We help you avoid traditional pitfalls of recruiting this new generation by drawing upon real life insights from Gen Yers of why they’ve been wooed onboard only to leave when reality set in. Don’t make this costly mistake.

Think About It...

During Harry’s interview he asked, “How many hours a week will I be expected to work?”
The manager responded with an average figure but made an assumption that Harry wasn’t going to be very committed to investing the time it would take to be a high performer. Bet you’d be surprised at the real motivation for Harry’s question.

Gen Y employee John asked his boss why he’d been asked to spend the past two weeks coordinating and binding reports. Don’t assume you know why he wanted to know.

The company recruited Henry—a Gen Yer with two masters degrees-- from Holland so he could return to manage their new facility in that country. After six weeks on the job Henry returned to Holland on his own, to take a different job. False promises and an outdated career track cost this company big time.

We help companies avoid these costly pitfalls up-front!

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